7,500 CCTV cameras will be added to the network to improve the surveillance of -Ghaziabad

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In order to aid in crime surveillance and detection, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has begun integrating 1,500 CCTV cameras in public areas with a centralised control room. These cameras, along with an additional 6,000 or so, will be included in the city corporation’s “safe city loop” initiative, according to municipal officials on Tuesday.

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Close up Security CCTV camera operating over the road.

The CCTV recordings will be stored by the residents for a duration of around 7 to 15 days as part of the “safe city loop” concept. The control room will not be integrated with these cameras.

Officials explained that by integration they meant that a centralized control center, to be established by the company, would be used to monitor the stream from these cameras in real time.They stated that the cost of integrating the cameras will be approximately ₹4.8 crore.
It is anticipated that the integration process would be finished by next month. After that, in addition to the 9,000 cameras the police had found, we had located an additional 3,500 CCTV cameras in public areas for the “safe city loop” initiative. The “safe city loop” initiative will include approximately 7,500 cameras, with some overlap in specific places,

“Except the 1,500 CCTV cameras, the remaining 6,000 cameras’ feed will not be available for live monitoring and will not be integrated with the control room,

the “safe city loop” entails monitoring public areas, installing cameras to pinpoint crime hotspots, and identifying troublemakers.

The 1,500 cameras that will be integrated with the control room, according to officials, are the ones that are placed outside of banks, in marketplaces, and in other public areas.

In the upcoming six months, Ghaziabad city is anticipated to receive CCTV cameras under the integrated traffic management system (ITMS) in addition to those under the “safe city loop” plan. This would improve traffic management, enforcement, and incident detection.

According to officials, the project is being carried out at a total cost of around ₹85.75 crore, and the state government has authorized the project’s full project report. The request for proposal document has also been forwarded to IIT-Kanpur for review. After that, bids will be opened, and the project will be finished

in six months.

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