Delhi to Boost Citywide Security: PWD Initiates Survey for Installation of 56,000 CCTV Cameras on Roads for Enhanced Surveillance

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“Revolutionizing Road Safety: Delhi Plans Installation of 56,000 Advanced Night Vision CCTV Cameras for Enhanced Surveillance and Infrastructure Maintenance”

In a major initiative aimed at bolstering safety and infrastructure upkeep, Delhi is set to witness the installation of 56,000 cutting-edge CCTV cameras along its extensive road network. The Public Works Department (PWD) has initiated a meticulous survey for the strategic placement of these night vision bullet CCTV cameras, designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and ensure clear imaging even in low-light scenarios.

The ambitious plan entails the deployment of two CCTV cameras at intervals of 100 meters on both sides of the 1400 km road network under the jurisdiction of the PWD. This strategic positioning is envisioned to not only enhance surveillance capabilities but also contribute to the early detection of wear and tear, potholes, and other potential road hazards.

Highlighting the technological prowess of the proposed CCTV cameras, officials emphasize their resilience against winds and rain, coupled with the ability to capture high-quality images during nighttime. The estimated cost for the installation and maintenance of these cameras over a seven-year period is pegged at Rs 200 crore, a testament to the comprehensive nature of the surveillance system.

To centralize monitoring and ensure effective utilization of the surveillance infrastructure, an Integrated Control Center is slated to be established. This center will facilitate real-time monitoring, enabling authorities to zoom in on images up to 50 meters away with crystal-clear clarity. Furthermore, the system will offer 24-hour recording capabilities, a valuable tool for holding stakeholders accountable for regular road maintenance.

Originally conceived in 2022, this visionary plan is now being extended, reflecting the commitment to leveraging advanced technology for the long-term safety and maintenance of Delhi’s roadways. As the PWD spearheads this initiative, the integration of state-of-the-art CCTV cameras marks a significant stride towards creating a safer and more resilient urban infrastructure.

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