What is a Push Button Switch ? 2024

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A push button is a type of electrical switch that is manually actuated by pushing a button. It is a simple and commonly used switch in various electronic devices and electrical circuits. The switch is designed to make or break an electrical circuit when pressure is applied to the button.

Key Characteristics of Push Button Switches:

  1. Mechanism:
    • The switch typically consists of a button that can be pressed or pushed to either close (make) or open (break) an electrical circuit.
  2. Contacts:
    • Push button switches have electrical contacts inside that come together or separate based on the position of the button. When the button is pressed, the contacts make electrical connection; when released, they break the connection.
  3. Types:
    • Normally Open (NO): In this configuration, the switch contacts are open (no connection) when the button is not pressed. Pressing the button closes the contacts.
    • Normally Closed (NC): In this configuration, the switch contacts are closed (connected) when the button is not pressed. Pressing the button opens the contacts.
  4. Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) and Other Configurations:
    • A basic push button switch may have a single set of contacts (Single Pole), and it is either Normally Open or Normally Closed (Single Throw). More complex switches may have multiple poles or throws.
  5. Illuminated Push Button Switches:
    • Some push button come with built-in illumination, often using LED technology. This is useful for indicating the status of the switch.
  6. Applications:
    • Push button are used in a wide range of applications, including control panels, appliances, electronic devices, industrial machinery, and more. They are often employed where momentary, manual control is needed.
  7. Colors and Markings:
    • Buttons may come in different colors for easy identification, and some may have symbols or markings to indicate their function.
  8. Spring Mechanism:
    • The button is typically attached to a spring mechanism, allowing it to return to its original position after being pressed.
  9. Mounting Options:
    • Push button switches can be panel-mounted or mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), depending on the application.
  10. Momentary Action:
    • Most push button switches are of the momentary type, meaning they only maintain the closed state while the button is actively pressed.

Push button switches are widely used due to their simplicity, ease of use, and reliability. They provide a straightforward means for users to control electronic devices or activate specific functions in various applications.

pushbutton,Push Button AGS-PB100,Push Button Switch

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